About Us

Meet James T Gunderson

James considers himself a native-born Californian, even if he was born in Fort Worth Tx. He grew up in Austin and immigrated to California back in the early ‘90s, where (like a lot of people) he thought he could be an actor. Although that never worked out (he has a Screen Actors Card though), he did manage to work in the industry as a software developer at places such as Harris Broadcasting, Technicolor and Deluxe. Along the way he’s taken a few photos, some of which he wants to show to you. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

He doesn't use filters or photoshop (except the occasional black and white filter) because he believes that this world looks beautiful enough without enhancements.

James lives in Pacific Palisades with Miriam Schulman.


The Art and Eye of Miriam Schulman

Seeing And Capturing Wonder

Come appreciate the world through the gifted eyes of photographer Miriam Schulman as she captures the beauty of both the mighty and the minute. Miriam has honed her abilities to see and capture wonder over a lifetime. She has worked as a film editor in Hollywood, Jewelry Designer, and a macro-photographer of spiders. Miriam and her camera have traveled the world documenting the extraordinary. She now invites you to join her. Come see the wonder of life through the eyes and lenses of Miriam Schulman.
Miriam lives in Pacific Palisades and is a proud mother of two sons. She and her partner fellow photographer James share a passion for the natural world .